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Connecting To Your Body’s Intelligence

Do you feel like you are always living from the neck up?

It is no wonder that most of us carry our stress and tension in our necks (some of that obviously coming from poor posture as well- your favorite PT here). Seriously though, in our society today there is so much talk of intellectual and emotional intelligence. The IQ and the EQ. Rarely do we speak of body intelligence and how we have lost touch with the intelligence of Source (our being, our bodies).

So what is Intelligence?

Some psychologists have defined intelligence as the ability to learn, the ability to solve problems, and the ability to recognize problems. The source of our intelligence remains head centered. So often we say the words “think with your brain”. We overemphasize this type of source for intelligence that we often forget about the rest of our bodies and ALL the wisdom it has to offer.  Beyond the motor, the hard drive, the computer, lays the inner source of wisdom. Your gut feelings, your heart beat, that tingling sensation in your extremities, your blood pressure, your muscle sensations are just some of the other sources of intelligence we often over look.


You may have heard some scientist speak of the gut-brain axis. Now we are all drinking our Kombuchas hoping we will be able to strengthen this connection more. But has that truly made us more intuitive? Are there actual exercises we can do to strengthen this source of intelligence. The answer is this: If we believe we are nature, and nature is intelligent, then we ourselves MUST have this same intelligence. Our connection to this truth and this belief alone will lead you into your own body’s intelligence.

So, Here are 4 steps to fine tuning our body’s intelligence and enhance our mind-body connection.

STEP 1: Activate your parasympathetic nervous system

I don’t mean to say that our mental brain doesn’t have its place, because it definitely does! I mean to say that we spend too much time in activating our sympathetic nervous system, our fight or flight responses. We live in reaction mode! Our parasympathetic nervous system gets left in the dust. It is our rest and digest system…our self-care mode. We do have the ability to activate this system and connect to our bodies.

Here are my favorite ways to activate this system.

a. Yin Yoga: This is a slow paced style of yoga with postures that are held for longer periods of time. And no, it does not mean you will be cringing and sweating during those periods. You don’t even have to be particularly flexible. It is a more relaxing yoga that gets deep into your muscles and releases tension. The type of tension that dulls your ability to listen to your body! Definitely give it a try to reverse all the YANG, “neck-up” energy of your day.

b. Self-massage (or regular massage):  The art of self-massage is SO under rated. Most of us prefer for someone else to do the work. There’s nothing wrong with that method, but what about just spending a few minutes of time DIY {Doing it Yourself}. Using your hands (not a foam roller or vibrating massager from Walmart). After a shower, spend a little time with your favorite body oil and apply pressure to different points along your body you feel have more tension than necessary. The great thing about self-massage is that it allows you to quietly tune in to yourself. That’s it. That’s the entire point!

c. Personal ‘Do NOTHING’ time: Please take the mystery out of developing a meditation practice. Sitting in a chair with absolutely NO external stimuli, IS a meditation practice. This connects you with yourself. Let your mind do what it does, and just be there in stillness and in presence. Sit in a quiet room and just be. You are allowed that fundamental right…the right to simply exist. This helps to detox your brain and strengthen that mind-body connection.

Once you have done at least ONE or ALL three of these suggestions to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, proceed to step 2.

STEP 2: Ask your body to show you what a “YES” feels like

Notice what body sensations arrive. This may feel like decreased heart rate, tingling in feet, relaxing chest, silence in your mind, and a general sensation of peace. Notice what comes up for you and write it down in a journal. Visualizing a very YES moment in your life may help to bring about those sensations in your body as well.

STEP 3: Similarly, Ask your body to show you what a “NO” feels like

Notice once again what body sensations arrive for you.  This may feel like increased heart rate, clammy hands, muscle stiffness, and a chaotic mind. Notice what comes up for you and write it down in a journal. Visualizing a very NO moment in your life may help remind you of what those sensations specifically are for you.

STEP 4: Ask yourself, what is your own connection to your truth?

Don’t put away that journal. This is the most important part of the work. Connecting back to the essence of you and your truth is important when considering the hard work of special needs parenting. Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best,

“Who you are speaks so loudly, I can’t hear what you’re saying”.

Who are you being? In what ways do you feel you are living your own truth? What is your purpose and what is your intent? Lastly, ask these questions in relation to your child.

Understand that when you live in your truth, you connect with your body’s intelligence, while also connecting in a new way with your child. Your interactions are genuine, inspired, and you open the possibility for endless healing and transformation for you and your child.

Do you want to learn more about your Parenting Intuition? Click here to download your FREE Intuitive Parents Heart Map with my TOP strategies on how to step into your power and your intuition for your child with special health care needs.

You and your child deserve to be in the best hands, YOURS. I believe in you!

With so much love and so much support,

Dr. Kerian Duncan, PT, DPT