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This work continues to call out to me. As I’ve grown into a career as a physical therapist, I realize that I hold the gift of physical empathy: where I can tune into the physical impairments of person and can sometimes physically feel this within myself to understand exactly how to heal that person. From this, I can firmly say, I see these same abilities in you.

My educational background includes 2 graduate degrees: a Master of Science in Neuroscience (MSc), and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT). I am well versed in both neuroscience, developmental research, and clinical practice pertaining primarily to children with moderate to severe neurological and genetic disorders, as well as in early childhood intervention. I have completed the Utah Regional Leadership Education for Neurodevelopmental Disorders (URLEND) fellowship program. This initiative is grant funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, preparing pediatric health care professionals to change the internal dynamics regarding lack of support for children with special health care needs across the rural Rocky Mountain West.

I work with parents who are advocates for their children, and I believe you are the best advocate for your child.  This practice brings a fresh approach to family-centered care, with its commitment to involve parents as active participants in their child’s development. You are here now to become more tuned into yourself and tuned into your child. I have the clinical knowledge and evidence to guide your practice and you have the perfect inner compass to guide your child.

Let’s go on this journey together!

Kerian Duncan, PT, DPT, MSc
Owner and Founder

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I wish I had someone that explained things to me early on. I was in the dark and felt no support once I found out my son had a disability. No one communicated with me. No one believed what I said to prevent things from getting worse. No one believed in my son. When I found out Kerian was here in our little town, I jumped at the opportunity to see her. I’ve seen progress in my child I never thought I would see.

Parent of 19 y/o Childwith Cerebral Palsy

Kerian’s character is amongst the highest of my students. She handles stress and organizes her time well. She interacts professionally and compassionately with families with a child with moderate or severe motor disabilities.

Adam Goodworth, PhD

Kerian has unusual maturity and foresight for someone her age. I have witnessed Kerian’s maturity first-hand during data collections. Data collections with infants and young children require intense focus and concentration while maintaining what appears to be a playful task. Kerian was able to problem solve in the minute, and adapt to infant moods and parent needs.

Sandra Saavedra, PT, PhD

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