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1. Intuitive Parents are THE essential facilitators of physical development. Find my scientific evidence here!
2. Learn the Signs, Act Early! Download the free CDC milestone tracker app here!
3. You are your child’s biggest advocate! View up to date research and policy regarding your child’s diagnosis here.
4. Did your child just receive a diagnosis? Tap here to learn more than googling.

5. Are you feeling overwhelmed with your child’s healthcare requirements? Here are some tips.


6. FREE CDC Recommended children’s books to encourage development. Download or ORDER for free delivery here.

     1. Where is Bear? A terrific tale for 2-year-olds by Libby Martinez
     2. Baby’s Busy Day: Being one is so much fun by Ann Harrell
     3. Amazing Me: Its busy being 3 by Julia Cook and Laura A. Jana
7. Determine your child’s eligibility for Early Intervention services remotely here.