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The Best Resource for Parents

Dear Parents,

***Disclaimer**** There are thousands of blog posts written either aiming to fix your child or fix YOU. This post will not promise to do that. This is also not a post for you to read and feel victimized and then become more discouraged. There is a proven resource that I know will do just the opposite for you.

Hear me out! The LAST place you should be as a parent of a child with a diagnosis requiring special health care needs is outside of your own power.

I am a clinician, and more specifically, a physical therapist. I have primarily treated children with moderate to severe neurodevelopmental disorders. As a therapist, I know that my role is not necessarily to treat children, although I certainly hope at the end of it all, children are healed and living joyfully to their maximum potential.
My job and mission is actually to coach, mentor, and empower parents.

I have often seen parents take a rather hands off approach to their child’s care, relinquishing their power to clinicians, without even knowing it. However, the initials “Dr.” in front of my name (or any others), does not place me in a position to know more than you. That is an old paradigm and a post for another time.

Let me just go ahead and say, I do not know more than you. Don’t get me wrong, I went to school, I have clinical knowledge, I have hands on experience, and I’ve even done research and found really nice “p values” I could bore you with. But what I’ve ultimately found is that YOU know best how to progress your child’s development. This is because it is one thing to study it, and another thing to truly intuit it.
To know or understand your child because of what you feel or sense rather than knowing based on hard evidence and facts or others opinions.

Your power is always in tuning inwards to your own senses.

You probably already feel this power deep within you.

You just don’t know that you carry it…so you unintentionally give this power over to people (clinicians) who you believe have greater power than you.
So first and foremost, I want you to do one thing for yourself.

Give yourself permission to heal your child.

Your child chose you because he/she/they wanted you to be there in it with them for the long haul.
For you to connect so deeply with your self that you tap into your ability to heal your child.

If you are a parent with a child who has received a diagnosis, which means they will require lifelong, healthcare needs, I understand you most likely feel a wave of emotions. These may range from feelings of deep sadness, guilt, loneliness, and grief for normalcy and perfection, to feelings of happiness, cheer, and unconditional love for your child. All possibly occurring at the same time.
As with everything in life, there is space for all of those emotions. You will have all those emotions even when you are tapping into your power and intuition.

Ignoring your need to express a range of emotions is often what makes it easy to give your power to someone else. However, the things that are easiest to do are often the very things we have to move beyond, to reach the highest versions of ourselves.
I do not believe it is a coincidence that you have been gifted with a child that requires health care services. I believe it is your child’s way to communicate with you and give you permission to rely on your inner light to guide you.

So think of the analogy of driving a car. Everything you need to operate the car is actually inside the car. Things like the engine, the transmission, the gas pedal, the steering wheel, and YOU are all INSIDE the car. The only things outside the car are there to guide your way. Things like the traffic lights, exit signs, buildings and destinations, are external, and while part of the picture, are there regardless of if you drive in their direction.

So it is with you and your child. The key is to seek the answers inside of you. The place your child came from is the place you need to go.

This is your greatest and BEST resource.

Please only allow the clinicians in your life to help guide your way.

So are you ready to get back in the driver’s seat? Click here to download your FREE Intuitive Parents Heart Map with my TOP strategies on how to step into your power and your intuition for your child with special health care needs.

You and your child deserve to be in the best hands, YOURS. I believe in you!

With so much love and so much support,