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Pelvic Health



Full Circle Physical Therapy for Women and Children


At The Intuitive Parents Physical Therapy we provide full circle care to improve functional mobility and quality of life for women, children, and parents through family centered care. We are committed to connecting with our clients and helping them to develop a deeply rooted relationship with the body and its wisdom. 

We believe that when…

  • Parents are supported, they intuitively know how to help their children

  • Families are centered and cared for, our communities are stronger and our children thrive.

  • Women know their body’s wisdom, they are an unstoppable creative force.

  • We heal our body, we heal our relationship to earth.

Meet Your Therapist

General Pelvic Health

This service is offered to clients (including adolescents) with Pelvic pain, SI joint pain, Vaginismus (pelvic floor spasms), Endometriosis, fibroids, and Painful menses.

Peri/Postpartum Physical Therapy

This service is for pregnant and postpartum women who experience pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti, and pregnancy and postpartum related pain and instability.

Pediatric Physical Therapy

This service focuses on children from 0-5 years of age, to help with development of optimal neuromotor development. Appointments for children may be in the home, community (i.e. daycare or preschool), or our office location.


I enjoyed working with and getting to know Kerian. She is very professional, easy to talk to and knowledgeable. Her office is set up perfect for moms with kids. Kerian was able to not only help me with postpartum pelvic floor issues but also had great advice for my 6 month old. I will forever be grateful for Kerian helping me with my pelvic floor needs.


I wish I had someone that explained things to me early on. I was in the dark and felt no support once I found out my son had a disability. No one communicated with me. No one believed what I said to prevent things from getting worse. No one believed in my son. When I found out Kerian was here in our little town, I jumped at the opportunity to see her. I’ve seen progress in my child I never thought I would see.

Parent of 19 y/o Childwith Cerebral Palsy

Kerian’s character is amongst the highest of my students. She handles stress and organizes her time well. She interacts professionally and compassionately with families with a child with moderate or severe motor disabilities.

Adam Goodworth, PhD

Kerian has unusual maturity and foresight for someone her age. I have witnessed Kerian’s maturity first-hand during data collections. Data collections with infants and young children require intense focus and concentration while maintaining what appears to be a playful task. Kerian was able to problem solve in the minute, and adapt to infant moods and parent needs.

Sandra Saavedra, PT, PhD

Kerian has been so great with our kiddos. She is very knowledgeable and is alway keeping us updated on their progress. She also provides us suggestions and activities to work on at home so that we are working as a team to help them succeed. We have always felt that she is genuinely invested in our kiddos and really cares about her patients!


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