The best person

for your child

is you.

The Intuitive Parent (You) goes deep within to make decisions for their child in the immediate moment. The Here and The Now.

Hi! I'm Dr. Kerian Duncan

Neurodevelopmental Physical Therapist

Welcome to your clinician-led community and support, designed to put the power back into your hands. I’m here to help you to tap into your intuitive handing and healing abilities to progress your child’s physical development.

These are my beliefs…

  • I believe parents can heal their children.
  • I believe society continues to disempower parents of children with special health care needs.
  • I believe physical touch and active engagement from parent to child is crucial for their healing.
  • I believe current knowledge on a child’s specific disability can be shared to rural areas where your child can thrive.
  • I believe parents intuitively know where to hold their children to progress their physical development.
  • I believe I can coach you, the parent, through online interaction to improve parent-child engagement, handling, and healing.
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Tele-Therapy Intervention

Skilled Physical Therapy with Evaluation and Therapist-to-Parent-guided Intervention for your child.
Tele-Therapy Intervention is currently only serving Wyoming and Utah residents. This option is now available via a hybrid format.

Concierge Services

Skilled Physical Therapy with Evaluation and treatment in your child's most natural environment. I will meet you and your child in the home or daycare determined by parent preference and location. This offering is for Uinta County and Summit County Residents.

Clinic Services

350 City View Drive, Suite 204,
Evanston, WY 82930

Clinic services are offered to parents who prefer the use of more specialized equipment. Outpatient services guarantee a more structured setting for your child, determined by the child's needs and parent preference.

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I wish I had someone that explained things to me early on. I was in the dark and felt no support once I found out my son had a disability. No one communicated with me. No one believed what I said to prevent things from getting worse. No one believed in my son. When I found out Kerian was here in our little town, I jumped at the opportunity to see her. I’ve seen progress in my child I never thought I would see.

Parent of 19 y/o Childwith Cerebral Palsy

Kerian’s character is amongst the highest of my students. She handles stress and organizes her time well. She interacts professionally and compassionately with families with a child with moderate or severe motor disabilities.

Adam Goodworth, PhD

Kerian has unusual maturity and foresight for someone her age. I have witnessed Kerian’s maturity first-hand during data collections. Data collections with infants and young children require intense focus and concentration while maintaining what appears to be a playful task. Kerian was able to problem solve in the minute, and adapt to infant moods and parent needs.

Sandra Saavedra, PT, PhD

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